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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 11, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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light wind and it's a beautiful start to the day. many of us in the 40s. we will start an average of 40 and a little breeze to extend some of the flags out there with pride. our two degree guaranteed high with sunshine of 61. let's see what's happening and lapping around the beltway and get the first look at traffic. good morning. >> reporter: you could do laps around the beltway. there he's no construction projects and as we look at the harrisburg expressway, all lanes are open towards 69 5. looking at the maps, we have one incident that's a water main break in towson that has bosley closed at faremount. you can use land born as an alternate. baltimore county police arrested and charged a 17-year-old in the halloween night murder of a 16-year-old in halethorpe. sterlin matthews was charged with the killing of daquan
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burks. medics found two teens at that scene shot at the location. matthews is charged as an adult with first degree murder he and won't be getting out of jail any time soon after the judge denied him bail. two men died when the auto body shop they were sleeping in caught fire. investigators try to figure out how this fire started, the family members are trying to understand what happened. family members say that both of the victims worked long hours at the shop but it was not uncommon for them to sleep over to get an early start on the work. this is in glen burnie on route 2. the victims are identified as 45-year-old hermenes and the other was 17-year-old johnny ramos. >> we love both of them, you know. we have to deal with it. >> no word this morning on what started the fire. the family members we spoke with are trying to organize a benefit to help the victims' families. we will have more information
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at two minutes after five right now. maryland attorney general says investigators do not believe that former governor ehrlich or his staff played part in the election day row bow calls. they tried to discourage democratic voters from going to the polls. universal election and ronda russell gainsler claims more than 100,000 prerecorded calls were made but failed to identify who was responsible for the calls. tyrone hall will spend five years in prison. the 21 -year-old shot and killed a school basketball player and a student brandon carroll during a off campus fight last spring e shot ellis hartridge who survived and testified that he went to hall's off campus apartment look for a fight after a woman whom both had dated
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said that hall hit her. hall pled guilty to manslaughter last month. he says the shooting was in self-defense. soon to be 5:03. video may help harford county detectives find out about the two men accused of robbing the game stop store in bel air. police say the two men armed with semiautomatic handguns stole 100 copies of "call of duty black ops" from this game stop. and they got away with cash and other merchandise. if you have information, call the harford county sheriff office at 410-836-5430. a year from now, your children could be attending a different elementary school in harford county. this is the proposed map. it's going to be redrawing the boundaries of the school districts in the county. pick where you live and you may be going to a different school. school officials have been meeting with small groups of parents but want to make sure all parents have their voices heard before they make final
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decisions. you can find more information about the proposed changes including a link the to check out map in more detail on the website at and if you harford county parent affected by the changes, we want to hear from you. reach us on facebook or just search for or the website and go into about and then click contact us to send us a message. four minutes after five right now. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will take part in the veterans day march to recognize and honor veterans this morning. keynote speaker will be be frank peterson junior with the united states marine corps e was the first african american marine corps aviator and the first african american marine corps general and is a veteran of the korea and vietnam warm. this morning, it's going happen and it will be followed by a ceremony at 11 this morning at war memorial plaza.
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and we want you to send us pictures. you can do this. if you are honoring a veteran in your family or friend on this veteran's day today. tell us about the person on the wmar facebook fan page, upload a photo to share with a description and we will salute your loved ones on the air in every newscast today. text the pictures or e-mail them to pix at the address is on the screen. and also today during the 5 p.m. newscast, a about c2 news will be live at the applebe's at east point mall serving meals to veterans at restaurant and they will bring in live reports throughout the newscast. i believe wyatt everhart who is a veteran will be there. >> i am proud of my station today. we are doing it right. marine, soldiers and airmen walk off the plane and may see their wife, child or parents. >> but at one u.s. airport, they see this woman, a stranger that's familiar face to u.s.
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military personnel. a great story. and also as we head to break, we wish bill a happy 85th birthday yesterday you may remember this guy. but we wanted to thank him for his military service. he is a retired world war ii veteran who served proudly with the united states air force. as a young man, he could not wait to join the air fos and fly planes. thanks for serving our country and all you've done. >> and that is picture of amanda nicole king who is currently training in washington state. she is due to deploy who afghanistan for one-year tour august 11th of 2011. thank you, amanda. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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bike, unrealistic splash, embarrassingly transparent. [ bell chimes ] [ male announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. today's birthdays always special here on abc2 and we have two special birthdays. >> one is a big one. look at your screen. twins dd adams of pasadena and wally allen of union bridge celebrating their entry into medicare and they are lifelong marylanders and are 65 today. so dd, adam and wally allen, happy birthday i hope you have
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a great birthday on 11-11. and a big birthday justin berk'sson alan e berk. >> what's his middle name. >> emory. >> alex e berk and happy birthday from his big brother, daddy and mommy and justin says he is one proud papa. you should be. >> i am one proud papa. i wanted to name him alexander graham berk and my wit fought me. >> good job. >> yes. good job. we are proud of forever being linked to veterans day. if you have someone celebrating a birthday, send us a picture at morning show at and include the date of birth age if you so de-- so design. -- desire.
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we will be happy to share that on the air. happy veterans day to all at 5:10. we will take you back to veterans elementary school in ellicott city. a time-lapse here and the flag in front of the camera view. we have a beautiful day in the middle of the beautiful week a full park lot and slate of gorgeous weather on tap for all of us heading in through today. as we are look at temperatures across the region right now. wide range 43 easton, 46 baltimore. and 30s back towards hagerstown and 29 in york pa. we will get up to 61 is the two degree guaranteed but tons of sun for all of our veterans. let's see what's happening on the roads and talk to kim. >> reporter: just a heads up for drivers through baltimore city. veterans day parade will start closures downtown so expect to see charles street closed between fayette and monument starting at 7:00. there will be other closures along lexington and gay streets as well. but now as we look at big roadways, the beltway is checking in without problems on
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the west side at liberty road. we don't have accidents. but as we look at the maps, we are working a water main break in towson that has bosley avenue closed in both directions at faremount. you can use lambborn as an alternate but hopefully they will get that cleaned up and reopened soon. megan and jammy, back to you. -- jammy, back to you. -- jamie, back to you. we remember our veterans on veterans day. >> this is earl eugene whose daughter sue sent in this picture. she is proud of her dad. >> world war ii. army private earl eugene mccarol from 1942 to 1945 he was 22 years old in this picture. he was an army private in the rainbow division of the army cannon. he passed away in february of last year. ,
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new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. for healthier gums. veteran's day 5:15. a woman in atlanta tries to get to every returning member of the u.s. military. how about that, a hug. >> betty rose bower spends a lot of time at the airport. there she is, greeting servicemen and women with a big bear hug. she says she earned the nickname the hug lady and she says her favorite part is seeing the
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family reunited. >> seeing a service person, seeing his child, his baby for the first time probably just a matter of weeks old a little baby and you got to see her for the first time. that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, then, you are pretty heartless. >> look at that video. >> i can't look now. everybody in the studio has tears. >> bowers has a grandson in the army. >> all right. let's talk thanksgiving shall we? three weeks away and that means plenty of cooking up for large family affairs. >> and everyone has a family favorite recipe and we want you to share it with us. so, we want to hear about the favorite recipe. from the turkey to the stuffing and sides and salad and desserts, you name it. if it's your own, come in and cook with us. share it. >> everybody has tears because it's from the onions that are cooking up. you only have to date to get them in because get your name
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in. >> tomorrow is the last date. >> your recipe and e-mail and a way to contact you and we will bring you in on "good morning maryland" at 9 and we will pet you on like you are a big food network star. >> jamie will do the makeup for you. >> come on in and tell us about the favorite family recipe. you will be able to open up our eye as little bit. >> absolutely. >> give you something to eat, too. >> which we like right? >> yes. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> it's 5:17. a beautiful start and a clear start but a cool start. temperatures running above normal and will continue to trend for the rest of the week. and on this veteran's day we will look back in time to yesterday where it was 64 in baltimore. and they give you an idea we have been running a little above expectations. computer guidance is trying to
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keep us cooler but we have ended up warmer. mid-60s across most of the region. this is what we expect in veterans day and in honor of the woman going to the airport and hugging the people, loving shoulder with shoaled -- soldiers with shoulders. today we are looking at conditions that would normally get up to 58 degrees. the record has been as high as 77 back in 2006. we are not going to get there. but we should be above the normal stretch. sun coms at 6:45. and we are clear this morning. remember the storm we have been watching? it's pushing its way off the coast. it's leaving eastern new england behind as well. you can see that on the wide screen set pulling out to sea. leaves with us high pressure in control and light northerly breeze. now back to our west is a cold front starting to generate showers and storms. missouri is going to get it. it could hit chicagoland and up
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toward milwaukee during the late morning into the afternoon. otherwise, this is where it heated up yesterday. we just zoomed past that. temperatures were in the 70s across a good chunk of the ohio tennessee river valley in the south. that warm air stays west. we get a little taste of that leading toward the weekend but we are dry for the next 3 to 4 days stays back west and we will wait until early next week to get the next chance of rain. 61 today on this veteran's day. we will be sunny and pleasant and above normal. we are down into the 30s overnight. and we are looking for tomorrow's temperatures with sunshine in the low 60s. we will see what's happening back on the roads with kim round. >> reporter: we have -- brown. >> reporter: we have one accident northbound 95 past keith avenue. that is just blocking the right shoulder. not having too much of an impact. looking at 95 at 195, no problems northbound approaching 695. southbound lanes are cleared through howard county heading towards the capital belt way. looking at the maps, we have road closures in effect
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starting at 7 a.m. for the veterans day parade. expect to see charles street closed between fayette and monument street in effect for the better part of the mid-morning into early afternoon. we have the water main break in towson that has bosley closed in both direction. now back to you. >> all right, thanks. 20 minutes after 5. this were big winners at cma awards. >> megan talks to both of them. >> oh, man. carrie underwood what great night but brad paisley what night to remember. ♪ [ music ] ,
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5:23. it took five years but brad paisley is finally the cma entertain her of the year. >> he won the coveted trophy and had been nominated every year for the award since 2005. and he's come up empty hand, but last night a tearful paisley
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compared himself to jenny dickens said when you see turtle on a fence it didn't get there by himself. it took help. won in the category featuring two of the big winners miranda lambert won three. and cute urban was up for the award and brad served as the host of the ceremony along with carrie underwood. >> are you okay with that i know how you feel about keith urban. >> he should have won but what the heck. taylor swift is the youngest to win the bmi country songwriter of the year award. that puts her in the league with johnny cash. >> what? >> what? >> putting swift up there with johnny cash. >> i don't know about that. >> all right. >> okay. moving on. it's a child custody battle for a academy award winner mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend the russian musician. >> this is the first time gibson
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appeared in court on the case. the pair have been sparring for months over custody, visitation and financial issues. and also authorities continue to investigate gibson's claims that his former attempted to extort him. she maintains gibson abused her. and now they are considering pursuing criminal charges. well, hollywood icon francis ford coppola who directed class, like the godfather trilly will be honored and is going to be giving the award on saturday at the academy's governor awards. to date, the academy handed out five oscars to him reveered as a director and writer. he will be honored as producer this weekend. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> good morning at 5:25. we are looking at the extended forecast starting with the veteran's day and it looks just fine. we can't get much better weather
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than this on the 11th of november. we start off in the upper 30s and mid-40s across the area. that's the spread this morning. with full sun. and a full sunny day we will get ourselves up to a high of 61. down into the 30s tonight. tomorrow 63. we will push 65 on saturday. dropping it back but hold into 68 on sunday and a fine look weekend and we will crop into the 50s with the storm next week kicking up the breeze and rain and dropping the temperatures further toward next week. now it's time for the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites sales of smart phones take off a report shows the number of smart phones sold worldwide from july through september nearly doubled to 80 million compared to a year earlier. that's nearly 20% of all phones sold in the quarter. sales of phones powered by googel a android software leap frog the iphone and blackberry. "new york times" says they will
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publish e book best seller list in fiction and nonif if he cannion. and -- fiction and nonfictionion. software to social media so brieity test prevents users to from using social networks. those are the tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning maryland." this strand crew ships carrying 4500 passengers and 6,000 cans of spam will pull into san diego sometime this morning. if you are a person of color, you will be yup upset with what the urban league
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discovered when it comes to you trying to get a loan to buy a house. ravens wake up in atlanta this morning ready to plate falcons tonight. it's thursday night football. >> go willis. and we will share this all day long. shall i flip it on. 1, 2, 3. there you go. rub it again for good luck. >> it came from a viewer who made it. >> mary grace and barbara. ceramic. beautiful. >> it has scarf and everything. and it's cute. way to go. that's -- i am really impressed it was made. >> 50 bucks i will sell it to you. >> okay. >> okay. >> let's go over to meteorologist justin berk as we get set for thursday night football. >> that's beautiful. thanks for sharing and hopefully you will share some of our pride today on this veteran's day. and i am proud to say that the weather is going to be uneventful. it's going to be a beautiful day. a calm and clear day keeping with us sunshine and temperatures above no


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